Group Book Details 2021

Tina Pineiro Life Solutions is proud to offer you the opportunity to become an author in our book. Becoming a co-author of a compilation book is the next best thing to authoring your own book only much easier (and a lot cheaper). Only professional hypnotists are being asked to contribute a chapter.

Co-authors can leverage this compilation book as a marketing tool by:

  • Booking media interviews such as TV, radio, and print
  • Taking advantage of the positioning along side other successful hypnotists
  • Sending to potential clients/friends as a gift
  • Using it as a bonus, benefit or list builder in your current business
  • Using it to build your contacts and networks
  • And so much more!

You can become a Contributing Author for our Hypnosis book and participate for the low fee of $99.

This fee covers:

  • Reviewing of your submission
  • Formatting of book
  • The ISBN number and publishing fees
  • Promoting the book
  • Your full page bio/about the author page with your contact information
  • Right to purchase all future copies at cost (between $2 and $4, depending on the size of the book)

This fee does not cover:

  • Professional editing of your chapter
  • Your own promotions

Publisher:  The book will be published through Kindle Direct, the print-on-demand publishing arm of Amazon.  That means that all participants will be able to order copies of the book at any time for the wholesale price AND the book will be listed on Amazon. 

Theme:  The theme will be about life as a hypnotist and will include amusing, interesting and inspiring stories from Professional Hypnotists. In general your story should show the positive aspects of being a hypnotist and promote the field of hypnotism.

Self-promotion…stories about positive interactions and outcomes with clients are not only acceptable, but desirable.  Talk about your work, the difference it made to clients or how fulfilling it is. You will also have a one-page bio at the end of your chapter which can include contact information, as well as any promotion you have.

Submission Details: Your chapter will need to be professionally edited.  It must be content-rich. You will also have a one-page bio following your chapter with any offers and links you want to provide. Submitted chapters should be at least 2000 words and up to 7,000 words (about 4 to 10 pages).  Submissions are due April 30, 2021. Please send them to:

Launch Target Date:  That is to be determined, but likely it will be August to September of 2021.

Promotion of Book:  All authors will be required to promote the book and book launch. We will provide the promotional materials such as emails and social media posts to use in promoting the book.

Best-Seller Status:  Although we cannot guarantee best-seller status, we can work together to strive to make the book a best-seller. There is a system for taking the book to the best-seller status in Amazon.  It will require all co-authors to purchase 5-10 copies of the book at a certain hour on the day of the launch. We may also hold a free Kindle version campaign about a month after the initial launch.

This is truly an amazing opportunity for hypnotists like yourself to partner together and share your brilliance and become a best-selling published author.

Secure Your Spot Today in Our Book Before Slots Are Gone!

I hope to include you in this unique opportunity so you can be a published author on the best-sellers list. Secure your spot below by using the payment button and send your submission before April 30, 2021!